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Christine Sutherland RMT

Christine Sutherland is a filmmaker, author, and registered massage therapist.  Her latest boks, Dying in Good Hands and Birthing in Good Hands, are massage inspirations to teach both the medical professional and layperson to alleviate pain and increase comfort during two of life's mapjor transitions.  She makes Nelson, BC, her home base as she travels the world spreading her message of hands-on healing.


Christine started the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy with her former student from the 3HO School of Massage, Grace Chan, in 1978.  In her career since that time, she has toured with musicians all over Europe and North America, worked with Olympic and wheelchair athletes, and helped in many types of deliveries, including horses, cows, and humans.  

Teaching massage to others is her passion, and the global classroom is her venue, from studying in Germany at the Kneipp School to teaching midwives in a 120 family collective of Guatemalan freedom fighters. She's staged "Flash-mob" massage events at local hospitals and other events to teach people how to share a healing touch.  Her favorite massage activity is "Bridging the Gap" in which she teaches youth to massage seniors in Canada, as far afield as Africa, Haiti, and Guatemala.


Christine's YouTube Channel teaches 24/7 with more than six million views of her films as of July 2020.  These vides are of all stages of maternity and baby massage, wheelchair massage, palliative massage, and pet massage.

From Christine's first baby delivery in the backcountry of northern Ontario in 1977 to the pool birth in nelson last week, the magic of massage has played along those forty years of labor and love.

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